The thanksgiving economy - according to the cosmic order - the ww free giving community - Joytopia / Gradido
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Life in harmony with nature.

The long-term aim is  Joytopia, the tool, the transition there, is  Gradido.

Economic orderliness modelled on nature.

° individuality without selfishness with healthy / natural selfishness self-love , in harmony with the cosmic order, with everything,
° sense-oriented life in the focus,
° the imaginary flow of money thank-value optimally steered and used + child-easy to understand,
° irrational new territory ... absolutely incredible

... technical progress ... well-being ... peace ...

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may we succeed, what our heart us ... unity in the wholeness and healing ... love and patience ... alertness ... ;-)

Dankbarkeit Gratitude, Wertschätzung Appreciation, Menschenwürde Dignity, Geschenk Donation

Gradido   -   Economic bionics

That ALL is solved in Gradido, the
Interest-free and tax-free economic system
with active basic income + life without debt
at 50 hrs. / month public charity - needy people, animals, plants ... -


with examples

for employees and employers
modified May 2018
Speech with Bernd Hückstädt - November 2016 -
Egerkingen - Switzerland

information and exformation
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Banks and insurance companies are welcome in this economic system.
They only have to rethinking about 180° !!!
Book Review - Gradido        Economy at the crossroads

the three golden Gradido
rules / remarks

the well of every single human,
the well of the community +
the well of the big nature, environment, mother earth, universe...

with a minimum of 100 good actions (short) in the book in chapter 4

Gradido is pioneer activity with heart and brain. ;-)

A viable project is the unconditional basic income only,
when it is created by the life (of each individual human).
Everything else means dependency and arbitrariness of xy ;-)

Schleswig-Holsteinische Zeitung vom 26.06.2017

ETH Zürich:
Atmospheric physicist Prof. Ulrike Lohmann confirms aluminium - containing nanoparticles in the air!
the study

Here are some examples,
which are excellent with
Joytopia, Gradido harmonize
and could be financed/gradidoiated, ;-)
if we want.

Henry Ford`s Hanf-Auto zeigte schon 1941 den Weg
Ford's Hemp powered Hemp made Car

living without waste, cradle to cradle
All products have to be reinvented again... with intelligent prodigality ... a real closed-loop economy .... in which there is no waste after use, 20.12.2017
BAU 2017 corporate film We know how, 27.04.2017

Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie, GWÖ

Call for Peace

Not money holds the society, but the    p e o p l e .

15 years of development work in 2012.
Many thanks to Margret: Baier + Bernd: Hückstädt and to All who are involved.
the gradido master plan for a healty earth        thousand thanks

When we continue think what we think,
what we ever thought,
we will continue do,
what we ever done,
we will continue get that,
what we ever got.

New ways to go, is to notice things new,
to think differently,
to bear up insecurity,
to act differently,
to win useful

ulrich mohr, simplonik

be with your heart and with your thoughts    -   around the earth - always - with it

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